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Coaches ready to travel to your location to help your organization's staff apply what they have learned!

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These are some examples of currently available ALP courses - we will be adding to this list throughout 2021


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A well-managed producer organization can attract finance and customers, which means it can sell more, be more profitable and do more for the farming community in thier area.

Producer organizations - including cooperatives, distributors, and retailers — are the critical link to smallholders, yet their varying degrees of professionalism and business management skills make it difficult for them to act as reliable supply chain partners. ALP’s goal is to help food and agribusiness clients build stronger, more sustainable supply chains by helping producing organizations become more professional and productive.

The costs for ALP classroom and online courses are typically covered by grants from larger agribusiness buyers.

ALP classroom courses are offerened in a range of languages based on requests from sponsors. Online ALP courses are currently offered in English, with translations into other languages planned for the near future.

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