ALP Finance and Accounting

Properly tracking your business's expenses and income is a critical aspect of running a profitable business. It ensures that you understand the ongoing costs for providing your goods and services, and are able to properly categorize your expenses and income in a manner that meets legal requriements. Having an accurate understanding of the financial condition of your business will help you to allocate funds in a manner that maximizes efficiency and profits.

In this topic, you will examine methods of tracking the finances of your business.


Media Topic Duration
1: Introduction to Finance and Accounting (eLearning) 25 Min
2: Financial Statements (eLearning) 20 Min
3: Balance Sheets (eLearning) 25 Min
4: Balance Sheet Analysis (eLearning) 25 Min
5: Income Statements (eLearning) 25 Min
6: Income Statement Analysis (eLearning) 25 Min
7: Cash Flow Statements (eLearning) 25 Min
8: Cash Reserves (eLearning) 25 Min
9: Allocation of Surplus (eLearning) 25 Min
10: Cash Budgets (eLearning) 25 Min
11: Operating Budgets (eLearning) 25 Min
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