ALP Operations

Proper  operations of your agribusiness is critical to success. The goal of most agribusinesses should be to deliver products on time, in the quantites expected at the expected standards of quality.  This requires that the business understands how to properly collect product from farmers, receive the store these products in a manner that maintains quality, and properly deliver to clients. It is also important to understand how to create fair contracts that define the performance of all parties to an agreement. 

In this topic, you will examine issues related to the operations of your business.


Media Topic Duration
Introduction to Operations (eLearning) 10 Min
Collections from Farmers (eLearning) 12 Min
Receiving and Storage (eLearning) 12 Min
Product Storage (eLearning) 12 Min
Delivery to Buyers (eLearning) 12 Min
Contracts (eLearning) 12 Min
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