ALP Sustainability

Operating your business in a manner that minimizes negative impacts on the local envionement, society and people is a key element for success. A sustainable business that operates in a safe manner, and does not damage the local environment is an asset for the community.

In this topic, you will learn about what makes a business more sustainable, and the benefits for a business that operates in a sustainable manner. This includes treating workers and members of the local community fairly, minimizing harmful impacts to the environment by proper handling of hazardous materials, and taking the initiative to have a positive impact on the community.


Media Topic Duration
Introduction to Sustainability (eLearning) 10 Min
Fair Labor Practices (eLearning) 25 Min
Diversity (eLearning) 20 Min
Hazardous Product Management (eLearning) 30 Min
Environmental Impacts (eLearning) 15 Min
Community Initatives (eLearning) 20 Min
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